‘The race is not for the swift’


No one likes to talk about the challenges that come with reading Law but I feel that talking about it on this platform is necessary. Graduation season is among us and I know while there are many people excited and overjoyed about their results, there are others who are disappointed in theirs. Do not let anyone lie to you that Law is a walk in the park. There is a reason that Law is a very prestigious discipline. Law requires hard work, perseverance and A LOT of resilience. A law degree will at times have you doubting your capability and your intellect. I know this because I have been there and I know many others that have too! But nevertheless, we strive and we push through, with the hope that our passion, interest and hard work will yield results. 

My decision to read Law stemmed from my love for debating and constructive arguments. I have always been very opinionated and outspoken and have always reasoned my way through everything. This was why I pursued a law degree. My parents supported this too but no one could have prepared me for the challenges that come with reading Law. While obtaining a wealth of knowledge which I am very proud to have, there have been many hurdles. There have been highs and lows. There are times in which I questioned my career choice and have even gone as far as seeking career advice and undertaking non-legal internships and experience alongside my law experience. I wanted options. There are times when I felt as though I was surviving and not thriving in law. This is normal. I know so many law students and lawyers who have said the same. But the key word I want to emphasise is perseverance. 

I have a friend who graduated in 2015 and it took her almost 3 years to gain a training contract (equivalent to clerkship in Uganda). She received many rejections and got as far as the last stage of interviews on numerous occasions but failed to secure a training contract. After a plethora of applications and after some time had passed (almost 3 years) she finally received a training contract. This process taught her how to remain consistent in her pursuit of what she wanted and to have faith in God’s plan. She is now excelling in an international law firm and helping other students with their applications and mentoring them in her spare time. The race is not for the swift. 

It took her sometime but she eventually reached where she wanted to go. This is what I want to encourage you to do. Keep on going. There will be times when you may feel discouraged or doubt the path you have chosen but remember that nothing worth having comes easy. 

I hope this helps someone.

All the best!

Lucy Mutawe, Co-Founder.


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