Flashback Friday: A summary of our first 5 articles

A conversation with Tona Katto

In this article, one of our Founders discusses all things dissertations. She lets us know what inspired her dissertation topic, what the process of dissertation writing was like, what sources are most important during research, how important it is to engage with your supervisor on a regular basis and how to manage your dissertation alongside other modules/electives. This is definitely one to read if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student. This will help you start preparing to write your dissertation.

A law degree is not a one-track road

Written by one of our first ambassadors for the network, this article dives into the many uses of a law degree rather than working in a law firm. Nana explores options such as in-house legal roles, business development roles, operational management and NGO roles. She also explores roles in International relations and academia which are also possible routes for law graduates. She goes into detail on the different avenues a degree in law can take you, all to emphasise that a law degree is not a one-track road!

The Kenyan guide to becoming an advocate

In this article, Craig Oyugi discusses the journey to become an advocate in Kenya. From an LLB Law degree inwhich the requirement is that particular modules/electives are taken, the pre-bar exam with a bench mark test that looks to test lawyer’s aptitude in the core areas of law with a pass mark of 50 percent, Kenya School of Law and pupilage. If you’re planning to qualify as a lawyer in Kenya, definitely read this article.

A letter to anyone graduating university (slightly tweaked the title)

Kylie Achieng shares encouraging words for those who are graduating and she helps calm any anxiety you may have about being a post graduate. In this article you can expect relatable content on thoughts after university, what your next steps are and a reminder that everything will fall into place. If you are graduating soon and need some reassurance, look no further than this article.

How to get the most out of university

In this article, one of our founders discusses what you can do to make the most of your university experience. Lucy looks at societies and activities that can help you boost your CV and university experience. Joining these activities and societies will enrich your time at university and give you something to include on your CV and discuss in job interviews after you graduate. Law firms and companies love candidates who are proactive and all-rounders. Have a read of this article if you need advice on how to make the most of your university experience.

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