How to grow, progress and get promoted at work

We have discussed everything from gaining work experience, the importance of building your CV while at university and being proactive during your studies. Its only right that we discuss how to grow, progress and get promoted at work. This is something that we should all be thinking about during our careers and at the start of our career journeys. No one should be thinking about remaining in the same position for a long period of time. Progress is vital and so is personal development.

When you get a job your goal should be to master it. Understand what the role entails and perfect the skills required for the role. Make sure you know the job description well and you are doing everything required of you. Once you have done this, you can then branch into other areas which are outside your job spec. You will be able to take on more responsibility and this will show your supervisior(s) that you are capable of doing more and are ready for the next level. Its important that you only branch out once you have perfected the tasks you are required to do under your job description.

So you’ve mastered your role and you’re now taking on more tasks/work – what comes next is looking at the job description for the next level up and demonstrating that you are capable of doing those tasks and showing that you posess those skills. If you do this, it will not go unnoticed. But to ensure that your hardwork is being noticed, make it known to your supervisor(s) that you are taking on more work and you are doing it well. Keep track of everything you do which is in-line with the job description for the next level up and when you have your bi-weekly or monthly catch ups with your supervisor(s), let them know what you have been occupying yourself with. It would be beneficial if you can get feedback on whoever you worked on the task (s) with or whoever you assisted with the task(s).

The key to growing and progressing at work is not just by doing the work but by communicating that you have done the work. Make sure people know what you are up to. Do not fade into the background. Be proactive and let them see that you are proactive. This is what will get you far. Its so important that you do your own PR. Tell people what you are working on, how its going and when you need assistance. Ask for advice and mentoring too! This will show that you are keen to grow. Another tip is to ask what you can be doing to get you to the next level/stage. Your supervisor(s) will let you know. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask and talk to the people above you at work. Ask them what their job is like and what tips they can give you on moving up to their level and role.

We hope this helps someone!


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